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If you think this is a bunch of New Age crap, think again! (or skip it)
The Chakras are energy-fields in your body. According to 4 000 years old theories originating from the East, they control your body's seven endocrine glands. The glands, in their turn, regulate your body's functions. The chakras are rotating very fast, which gives off important energy which flows out through the endocrine system. If one of these whirl-winds slow down, the energy-flow will decrease and we feel down or get sick. Every chakra controls different bodyparts and is affected by certain feelings. Here is an example I'm sure you will be able to relate to: You have a problem with love. You know your aspirin can't help you there. But maybe this problem is causing your tense shoulders which in turn gives you that headache you can't seem to get rid of. Treat your problem instead of using painkillers - only that will rid you of the thumping head.
Here is a run-down on the chakras.

Base Chakra - Red - End of spine
Controls:skeleton, legs, feet, base of spine, immunesystem
Feelings:security within family, job, social roles
Might cause:chronical back-ache, depression, immune-diseases

Hara Chakra - Orange - Below belly-button
Controls:genitals, large intestine, bladder, appendix, pelvis
Feelings:guilt, sex, money, power, control, creativity, ethics
Might cause:pain around pelvis and lower back, momentary impotence

Solar Plexus Chakra - Yellow - Underneath your ribs
Controls:stomach, intestines, liver, gall-bladder, kidneys
Feelings:fear, shyness, decision-making, self-consciousness
Might cause:indigestion, eating disorders, liver diseases

Heart Chakra - Green - In your chest
Controls:heart, bloodcirculation, lungs, shoulders, chest, diaphragm
Feelings:love, hate, sorrow, loneliness, compassion, hope, faith
Might cause:pain in your shoulders and upper back, or even allergies

Throat Chakra - Blue - In your throat (surprise!)
Controls:throat, neck, mouth, teeth
Feelings:strength of will, self empowerment, knowledge, judgement
Might cause:throat/mouth/teeth problems, maybe even scoliosis

Third Eye Chakra - Indigo - Between your eyes
Controls:brain, nervous system, eyes, nose, ears
Feelings:self-esteem, truth, intellect, ability to learn from mistakes
Might cause:pain around eyes, problems learning or studying

Crown Chakra - White or Lavender - On top of your head
Controls:muscles, skeleton, skin, the completeness of the body
Feelings:ethics, courage, unselfishness, spirituality, inspiration, intuition
Might cause:unexplainable diseases and depressions, chronical tierdness

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