Home Herbal Guide

Long before vaccine and coughing syrup were invented, mother earth has been a source of medicines. Today, some people frown when they hear the words alternative medicine and think of remedies such as leeches sucking blood to heal ailments. But none of that is used anymore. And we all give standing ovations for all the wonderful work done in the field of AIDS, cancer and other horrible diseases. Should you get sick, by all means, turn to a doctor! But if you are only suffering from minor ailments there are things you could do all on your own. Today we have the possibility of using both the new medicines when we are ill but also those old goodies to prevent illness. Remember, you are the expert on you, if you take care of yourself in advance, you might not need the doctor after all.

~* Favourite Teas, Baths, and other Treats *~
Some fun treats to try. But remember, if you are feeling seriously ill, consult a doctor!

Colds and Flu Bath.
Eases congestion in the chest, improves circulation and relieves head pain.
5 drops eucalyptus oil (open nasal passage)
5 drops peppermint oil (invigorate body)
5 drops lavender oil (helps combat infectious bacteria)
2 tsp vitamin C crystals
8 drops thyme oil or handful of fresh steeped thyme

Hangover Healer Bath.
For those not feeling too good the morning after the night before...
5 drops of fennel oil
3 drops of juniper oil
8 drops of rosemary oil
2 tsp vitamin C crystals
Juice of half a lemon in cup of hot water

Concentration-boost Bath
Have one in the morning before that exam/interview/meeting.
2 drops rosemary oil (alertness)
10 drops lavender oil (ease tenseness)
10 drops lemon oil (increase concentaration)
Don't make the bath too hot, that might make you drowsy...

Courage Scents
carry these scents to strengthen yourself.
2 drops of jasmin oil
2 drops of orange oil

Anti-Stress Massage
lavender oil (works wonders if applied around your temples against headache)
and/or use rose oil (anti-depressive, helps emotional problems with its stabilising and uplifting character.

Sleep Tight Tea
Camomile tea has long been known to help insomia.

Magick Tea
Sometimes a ritual calls for "cakes and ale" as it is traditionally called. This is much like the Christian communion. Some like to substitute the ingredients, and as long as proper respect is given to this part of the ritual, you can use just about anything. Juice or water are nice natural substitutes. I find that drinking Vervain tea during ritual is very enlightning. Vervain is a herb used in spells to make it go and can be a real pat on the back in ritual. There are vervain teas on the market that are not too strong. They are reputed to help stomach and indigestion problems too.


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