the Divination Guide

Divination is the anctient art of seeing what lies beyond. Fortunetelling is the most common word for it. Fortunetelling implies that the reader will tell the querant what the future will bring. But divining is not just about the future, you can be told about the past, too, as well as the present. You might want to ask a question regarding other people (many ask about love) or a situation in which you don't know what to do. Divination can guide you, or inform you.

Remember, it is never a fixed fact that comes forward during a reading; it is a possibility. If the reader says that some bad fortune will hit you next week, it doesn't mean that it will happen for sure. If you take precautions, you might very well avoid it. This doesen't mean that you should do just about anything the reader tells you to. Be true to yourself and let the divination be a guide to a possibility, and make up your own mind. Your life is all yours and nothing is written with permanent ink.

If you don't believe in divination, that's OK. Not even all witches do. But go ahead and try some of the things on this page, just for fun! That's right, divination can be done just for fun. The key word is not blind faith but respect. Respect your divination tools and respect the higher powers. I'm sure you've heard stories about people who've misused the Ouija board. Who's to say they're just rubbish? I don't know.
But with proper respect given, have a go at it!

Forms of Divination

Cartomancy: Divination with cards. There are Tarot, Rune cards, Cartouche, playing cards, Karma cards, Medicine Cards ect.

Scrying: Using a crystal ball, a mirror or a bowl of liquid.

Dowsing: Using a pendulum or a forked stick. They swing or 'lead' to answers. The stick can be used to find water.

Numerlogy: Using numbers and their meanings. Anything from your birthdate to your phone number can be used.

Palmistry: Examining the querents hand.

Runes: Using the meanings of the runes in the old Scandinavian alphabets.

Graphology: The study of an individuals handwriting.

About Some of the Above

Cartomancy, Numerology, Palmistry, Runes and Graphology have comlex systems. If you wish to learn how to use them you must buy a book and research the systems thouroughly. It is nothing I can do on a webpage so they will not be dealt with here...

Stone Reading

This is a relatively easy form of divination. It requires a few stones, either crystals or any stone that you feel comfortable with. Learn about the stones' magickal properties and study the meaning of their colors, as well as the correspondences for the four directions. Have a look at our Element Guide where you will find tables of correspondences.

Use a piece of dark cloth, preferably velvet, for your divination. Have some kind of marks for the four directions, North, East, South, and West. Consentrate on the question you want answered. Keep the stones in a bag and take out one at a time starting in the direction you feel is right. You finish in the fith direction - center. It stands for the power you are using, either negative or positive, to affect the question.
Read each stone according to the direction in which it lies, then in relation to the other stones.

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