the Element Guide

The elements are featured in every Earth Religion. They are the core of everything and pillars of magick. Every element has its own correspondences with directions, colors, animals and so on. These correspondences vary from person to person. These are the ones that I use, that work for me, have a look at them and figure out what you think is right for you.
Here is a run-down on the elements:

EARTH - North - Winter
Associations:prosperity, health, success, respect, endurance, responsability, stability
Symbols:pentacles, green, salt, gemstones, cold and dry
Deities:Cernunnos, the Green Man, Wolf, Stag

AIR - East - Spring
Associations:knowledge, wisdom, creativity, joy, optimism
Symbols:wand, yellow, incense, clouds, warm and moist
Deities:Cerridwen, Merlin, Raven and all birds

FIRE - South - Summer
Associations:passion, strength, courage, action, leadership
Symbols:sword, red, candles, warm and dry
Deities:Brighid, Lugh, Dragon, salamanders

WATER - West - Autumn
Associations:peace, love, friendship, intuition, beauty, emotions, feelings
Symbols:chalice, cauldron, blue, lakes, rivers, cold and moist
Deities:Mannanan, Rhiannon, dolphins and other water-animals

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