Many of us use colors and scents when we do spellwork. It enhances the spell and gives it and extra boost. Here are some useful correspondances that I have collected over the years to help you in the jungle.

Black - Banishing, binding, repelling, divination, Crone Magik, Mourning, Loss, Meditation, Feminine Divine, Absorbing and banishing negativity, Sahmain.
Blue - Peace, Healing, Harmony, Creativity, Tranquility, Truth, Sleep, Prophetic Dreams, Friendship,Physical Protection, Hope.
Brown - Animal Magik, Home, Locate Lost Object, Grounding.
Gold - Solar Deities, Power, Success, Prosperity, Honor Gods.
Grey - Neutral.
Green - Love, Beauty, Employment, Fertility, Healing, Success, Good Luck, Prosperity, Growth, Money, Revigeration, Masculine Divine.
Orange - Attraction, Stimulate Energy, Legal Matters, Success, New Home, Sahmain, Intelligence, Mental Clarity.
Pink - Puppy Love, New Love, Honor, Friendship, Fidelity, Feminity
Purple - Psychic Ability, Psychic Power, Wisdom, Spirituality, Success, Independence, Secrets, Spiritual Growth, Power, Healing, Feminine Divine.
Red - Passion, Victory, Sex, Lust, Strength, Courage, Power, Health, Energy, Vitality, Love, Nagnolism, Will Power.
Silver - Spirit, Healing, Purity, Remove Negativity, Encourage Stability, Psychic Protection, Honor Goddess, Telepathy, Clairvoyance.
White - Substitute for any other color, Meditation, Healing, Truth, Peace, Spiritual Strength, Lunar Magik, Purity, Protection, Happiness.
Yellow - Success, Sun, Prosperity, Charm, Confidence, Attraction, Wisdom, Visions, Psychic Powers, Mental Powers, New Home.

Incence/Oil Fragrances:
Amber - Success, Good Fortune
Anise - Peaceful Sleep,Youthfulness
Bergamot - Money, Success
Cinnamon - Attraction, Speed, Power, Love, Success
Coconut - Purification, Peace, Intuition
Frankincense - Purification, Luck
Frank & Myrrh - Protection, Purification, Spirituality
Gardenia - Love, Peace
Heliotrope - Healing, Wealth
Honeysuckle - Money, Psychic Powers
Jasmine - Spiritual Love, Money
Lavender - Healing, Peace, Love, Purification
Lily - Protection
Lilac- Protection
Lotus -Protection, Healing, Spirituality
Magnolia - Fidelity
Patchouly - Love, Money, Fertility, Lust
Peach -Love, Fertility
Peppermint - Healing, Luck
Rose - Love, Healing, Beauty, Protection, Power
Sage - Wisdom, Purification
Ylang Ylang - Opportunity, Peace
Vanilla - Power, Love, Lust
Violet- Love, Healing, Peace
Wisteria - Mental Powers
Sandalwood - Wishes, Protection, Purification, Spirituality

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