Affirmation Guide

Affirmations are the most important part of a spell, and also work very well on their own. It can be compared to a prayer, in the way that you ask for something, however the key is to phrase the prayer in the present tense, as if it has already happened. Affirmations are wonderful and will work for almost any positive change you want to make.

Why and Who?
By stating things is if they've already happened, you "fool" yourself to believe in it. Ever wonder about the mechanisms of hypochondria? Hypochondriacs think they are sick and therefore become sick. This is also the basis for the placebo effect; people take sugarpills yet believe it is medicine; and consequently feel better. It is all about the power of the mind! You can use this to your advantage, to make changes within you and in your life. This is excellent for those who don't feel ready for spellwork, or don't want to practice spellcraft. Affirmations are advocated by many psychologists and because there is a widespread belief in its power, this is also something to recomend to anyone non-pagan. Basicly it is for anyone wanting to make a postive change within themselves and/or their lives.

Imagine yourself and your life in an ideal world. Who are you, and what do you need to get there (within reason of course, not even affirmations will give you cartoon superpowers). Clearly define your goal. Example: "I want to become more spiritual." Don't be ambiguous if you have a specific goal; "I need a 3 bedroom appartment" instead of "I want to find a new home."

From Goal to Affirmation
Now you rephrase your goal to make it present tense. "I am successful", "I love myself and I am worthy of other peoples love", "I earn (x) (currency) per year".
Start with only one goal. Affirmations works best for changes within yourself, as the change always starts within you. As you become familiar with this method, you will notice that as you change yourself, you can change your situation, like the new home or the increased salary, and you will be able to focus on several affirmations instead of one.

Performing the Affirmation
The more you do it, the faster the result. Pick the time of day when you want to perform your affirmations. Morning and evning works for most people, as long as you have a few moments to concentrate, this doesn't take long.

Ground and center
close your eyes and say the affirmation either out loud or clearly within yourself
Repeat at least ten times, but don't count as you do it, that'll only cause you to loose focus.
Try to believe in what you are saying, and if you don't, at least say it as if it really is true, and you will feel the energy of it after a few repeats.

You'll notice the changes within a week or two, or longer depending on the vastness of your goal. Keep at it for as long as you feel it's neccessary; and it's something you can always pick up again if you are feeling down.

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